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Shipping outside the UK

Shipping outside the UK



Now that the UK is not a member of the EU you will be liable for any local taxes charged in your country. The Trotter has a Customs HS Code 87131000 (or 87150000) accessories are Customs HS Code 87142000 both of which should be 0%. Some countries, make a small fixed charge for Importing which is not related to what the goods are, e.g. Italy 9.

We will not charge you VAT because we are exporting the goods but your Customs will charge you Standard Rate VAT, the rate varies cross different countries. We understand that in the Republic of Ireland individuals can reclaim VAT on goods purchased due to a childs special needs, see Republic of Ireland Revenue Services

It may be that this is also true in other countries, we recommend you contact your Revenue services to find out.

Once we have dispatched your order our Courier will do the Customs Clearance administration and collect on behalf of your government any taxes/VAT due. They will contact you to obtain payment of any amounts plus an admin fee before delivery. In most EU countries the admin fee is 5 or 6,50 but in Italy and Austria 18 (Spain is a sliding scale).

It may seem a lot of extra work for what was once easy but sadly it is something we will all need to get used to.

We ship internationally with the courier DPD, you will be able to track your parcel on their website

If your country is not listed below then please contact us for more information.

01363 881110

We do not deliver to some destinations, e.g. Malta, Cyprus, Gibraltar, UAE but we have delivered to UK based shipping agents on behalf of customers in these destinations for freight forwarding.

For example using Aramex or specifically for Malta - Air Cargo Logistics.

For Bulgaria please contact GGBG.

Shipping times by Country

Approximate number of Working Days from date of dispatch. Please note that Customs Checks from Jan 1st 2021 may delay delivery.

Austria 3 days
Belgium 2 days
Bulgaria 4-7 days
Croatia 4-6 days
Czech Republic 3-4 days
Denmark 3 days
Estonia 4-5 days
Finland 4-5 days
France 2-3 days
Germany 2-3 days
Hungary 4 days
Republic of Ireland 2 days
Italy 3-4 days
Latvia 4-6 days
Lithuania 4-6 days
Luxembourg 2 days
Netherlands 2 days
Poland 4 days
Portugal 4-5 days
Romania 4-6 days
Slovakia 3-4 days
Slovenia 4-9 days
Spain, Mainland (NOT Islands or Territories) 4 days
Sweden 4-5 days
England/Wales/Scottish Lowlands 1 day, Scottish Highlands/Northern Ireland 2 Days (exc. Islands)